About Me

My name is AMIR HAMEED, I am a graphic designer/Developer/Animator living in Lahore, Pakistan. I love solving problems and making creative designs, and making great ideas happen.

Graphic Designing

I have designed stuff for all 3 major medias i.e, TV, Web, Print. Along with doing it professionally, I have taught these skills in colleges for about 10 year.  And I recently have completed a course of UX(User Experience) :D named HCI(Human Computer Interaction) from Stanford University California .

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Although , my experience in development is not much, but I have done some jobs in  development. And I love to programs my ideas and to think hard on developing my own  algorithms.


I love reading books (now on computer), watching movies, listening to songs (Trance , Enigma mostly). And I love to watch cartoons. I used to watch The Mask, Johnny Quest, and few other series a lot when I was kid. Those are still my favorite.

Although I have not played physical games much in past, yet I have played Cricket , Football and Quick Rope Jumping. I don’t remember how fast I was in rope jumping but I remember rope would make a sound like something is about to fly. I believe it was 3 skips per second or more.  I can still rope jump that fast except I don’t last much longer now. Then at my current office we have a Table Tennis. I didn’t like Ping Pong in past, but as I started playing it here, I loved it, I really loved it. Now I play Ping Pong everyday just like a dose of medicine.

I have a teaching experience of 12 years. I have taught different things in many schools and colleges. Most of my teaching experience include teaching of Graphic Design, Computers, 3D Modeling and Animation and Science.