PHP News You May Have Missed – July 2014

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A handful of news cropped up again that didn’t really get the attention they deserved, so I’ll use this opportunity to rehash some of them and explain others. The “news” here are usually less than brand new – instead, they’re bits of information you should pay attention to if you’re even the least bit interested in the PHP community and …

I was a Pro in CorelDraw

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I started with CorelDraw in 2002. At start CorelDraw was a universe for me. A big one. I kept practicing it myself till 2005. In 2005 I did a Graphic Designing diploma from a local renowned college. I learnt CorelDraw from a new perspective. I learnt quite a lot from there. Actually I did excel in CorelDraw there. I was …

3 New JavaScript APIs You May Want to Follow

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Today I’ll break this habit by giving you a preview of some APIs that are still at a very early stage. To give you an idea of how cutting edge these APIs are, consider that 2 out of 3 were announced just few days ago. Because of this, the bad news is that none of them can be used right …

When WordPress Meets Vagrant: VVV

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Vagrant has changed the way I work. In this article I discuss how Vagrant, a tool for creating and managing virtual environments, helps me work more efficiently. I will then introduce Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV), an evolving Vagrant configuration purpose-built for WordPress developers. via When WordPress Meets Vagrant: VVV.

5 Must-have Android Apps for Designers

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For most of the short history of web development, the only platform that we could rely on for graphic purposes was the desktop computer, that have the enough graphic power for this and other graphic demanding activities as video games, you can play with the use of overwatch boost online. I doubt I have to tell you, as SitePoint readers, …

Understanding OpCache

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PHP in version 5.5 comes with a caching engine built-in – OpCache – which stores precompiled script bytecode in the memory. If you’re familiar with APC or Xcache, you will already know how such engines work. As each PHP script is being compiled at runtime, a part of the execution time gets used for transforming the human readable code into …

MVC – a Problem or a Solution?

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Repositories, Adapters, MVC with all it cousins, SOLID, RTFM… As a (PHP) developer, those words are thrown at you from every corner of the web. And I hate it, I’ve had enough. Stop telling me what to do and show me those kittens instead. via MVC – a Problem or a Solution?.

WordPress Gone Social – BuddyPress

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Most of us know WordPress as a blogging platform or full featured CMS, capable of being transformed in many different ways. But did you know that you can even turn WordPress into your own social network? It’s called BuddyPress and it’s a plugin that extends WordPress to give you all the components needed to create your own social network and …

Diffbot: Crawling with Visual Machine Learning

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Have you ever wondered how social networks do URL previews so well when you share links? How do they know which images to grab, whom to cite as an author, or which tags to attach to the preview? Is it all crawling with complex regexes over source code? Actually, more often than not, it isn’t. Meta information defined in the …