Amir Hameed Profile

My name is AMIR HAMEED, I am a graphic designer/Developer/Animator living in Lahore, Pakistan. I love solving problems and making creative designs, and making great ideas happen.

Graphic Designing

I have designed things for all 3 major medias i.e, TV, Web, Print. Along doing it professionally, I have also taught these skills in colleges for about 10 year. And I recently have completed a online course of UX(User Experience) named HCI(Human Computer Interaction) from Stanford University California .

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Although I have worked with many programming languages, I have mostly worked with JavaScript and its libraries and frameworks. My favourite is React.js . I have also worked on the back-end with PHP/Node/Ruby and their frameworks mostly with Mysql. What's more, I like to play with Powershell and Bash Scripting and with other ways of automating.