If it is love?

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Yesterday I went to doctor for a check-up. I was feeling certain abnormalities. I couldn’t help going to doctor.


I asked doctor: My heartbeat upsets when I think of her. If this love?

He said: Tachycardia which may lead to ventricular fibrillation and myocardial infarction (heart attack)


I asked doctor: Restless trembling of hands, feet and other body parts. If this love?

He said: Parkinson’s Disease


I asked: I keep smiling constantly. If this love?

He said: No no, it is Bell’s Palsy.


I asked: Absent mindedness, forgetfulness, inability to focus on tasks at work or home. I think I m love with her?

He said: No stupid. Its early onset Alzheimer’s Disease



I asked: I feel weakening of knees and bursts of energy when she calls or comes over. I think I m in love with her?

Doctor said: Certainly not. These are multiple sclerosis.


I asked: I m unable to stop thinking about her.

He said it is OCD not love.


I asked: I can smell her presence. This certainly is love.

He said: I m afraid you are suffering from schizophrenia



I m sick , no love!

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