Track Your Coding Productivity with WakaTime

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Back in June, I wrote an article about Codeivate, which is capable of tracking the language you are currently programming in, awarding points to your virtual profile in a manner similar to an RPG. One of the comments I received on that article was a link to a tool named WakaTime, which has similar capabilities. However, WakaTime is promoted as a time tracker, rather then a tool to measure your coding habits.

WakaTime records several things when you’re using your editor. First it records the absolute path of the file you are working in. This way, you can get a clear view of which files you have been working on in a certain time period. It also records the current time, what triggered the event and the current language syntax for the opened file. Next to that, it also tracks your current project and branch if possible, and the total number of lines for the current file.

via Track Your Coding Productivity with WakaTime.

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