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Think of design as a road map for consumers, taking them where you want them to go. Design makes an efficient way to get across the message and still make it pretty.

That last part is where things start getting sort of weird.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to think anymore when it comes to designers. I’ve seen and heard too much and it still keeps pouring in. Some designers are too weird for other designers. How does that ever happen?

While I pride myself on being a rule-breaker when it comes to design (because my ego won’t allow me to do anything standard and the insatiable need to hear people say they never saw anything like one of my designs) it is easy to get lost in the design and lose the message.

This seems to be a problem for many of us, as I hear countless designers complaining that the client has ruined their design with impossible limitations, and elements difficult to include.

That’s our business! We serve the client’s needs and sometimes have to accept their wishes.

via Turning design limitations into design strengths! | Webdesigner Depot.

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