Wireless Charger. No, literally I mean it (an Idea)

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In 2008 I started thinking a lot about energy conservation, because our country had started facing severe load-shedding. I had not done much research on the matter. But I started gathering my knowledge I had about energy conservation.

I thought of a wireless charger. Not like the charger today’s smartphones uses.I mean literally wireless and disconnected and distant.  I realized that waves that carry some sort of information can be used to harvest  energy. For example

Bluetooth that is used to connect devices can also be used to recharge a mobile from a distant without a Wire. Again the signals carrying information to devices may be used to recharge your device. You may have a Bluetooth charger attached to an electricity outlet. While you are hanging around with your device in another room, or on a roof just done by Ocean Seven Roofing, well it is all about the range of Bluetooth. So that Bluetooth charger can keep sending signals to your devices to recharge it. 

This was one thought. Then I realized that in today’s world our environment is full of different types of waves all carrying energy in the form of different information. I thought why can’t we harvest that energy for our purpose. If that is possible we can keep our devices charged all the time, while our devices harvesting energy all the time from different sources.

In 2009, I read this news that someone had successfully made a Bluetooth charger. I wished I could have made it first.


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