5 Steps to an Endless Supply of Freelance Jobs

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We’ve all been there–you come to the end of your current client projects and realize, with dawning horror, that there’s absolutely nothing to start work on next.

Worse yet, you don’t have any clients in your sales funnel at all.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the now that you forget to plan for the future. You devote all of your energy to sealing the deal with one client, and then doing the work for said client, that you don’t think about what’s going to happen after that project is over … at which point you realize your client funnel is empty and there is no “next project” unless you do something, and fast.

It’s a freelancer’s nightmare–but it is fixable (and avoidable in the future). If you follow these five steps, you can queue up a steady stream of freelance jobs and make sure you never run out of work again.

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