Using the Lightroom Adjustment Brush to add Dimension to a Landscape Photo

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Lightroom has the power to completely transform your landscape photograph into something far more powerful, something that hits home with viewers, and something that pops off the screen. By default digital cameras create flatter image files than what you see with your eye. Your eye has the ability to see dimensions like no camera can […] Source: Using the Lightroom …

Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS — Zell Liew

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I’ve learned a lot more about typography since then and picked up best practices like using relative units, vertical rhythms and meaningful typography scales.These new practices were wonderful. They made my websites look more pleasing to the eye. Implementing them, however, was a horrible experience. Source: Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS — Zell Liew

Fitting After Effects Into A UX Workflow

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We all aim to be as agile as possible in today’s fast-paced web design world, while also remaining thoughtful of the end user and those we work with. After Effects is a great tool that enables us to quickly visualize and test robust animation patterns throughout a web design, share those with the development team and clients, and even test …