Experimenting with the Web Speech API

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A few days ago, I spoke at WebTech Conference 2014 giving a presentation titled Talking and listening to web pages where I discussed the Web Speech API and what a developer can do with it to improve the user experience. This talk was inspired by two articles I wrote for SitePoint titled Introducing the Web Speech API and Talking Web …

CSS shapes in email » STYLECampaign »

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CSS shapes allow us to move away from boxy designs, towards organic magazine style layouts. In the photo below the text follows the contours of the image, as well as being shaped into a ball. Thanks to iOS 8, we can explore similar creative layouts in email by wrapping content around polygons, standard shapes like ‘circle‘ or an images alpha …

An Introduction to Web Components and Polymer (Tutorial)

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Modern web applications are not only complex to design but also quite difficult to develop. Given the range of tools involved, amount of testing required, and the combination of libraries/frameworks used, the development process has become harder. As the application scales over a period of time, it becomes harder to maintain the code and make enhancements. For instance, take a …

Responsive Web Design Tips from Bootstrap’s CSS

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With the release of version 3, Bootstrap has gone mobile first, building on its already responsive base. What kinds of things does Bootstrap include in its CSS to help with this? Let’s examine a few things and gain some insight that might help us in our own custom projects. via Responsive Web Design Tips from Bootstrap’s CSS.

Building A Simple Cross-Browser Offline To-Do List With IndexedDB And WebSQL | Smashing Magazine

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Making an application work offline can be a daunting task. In this article, Matthew Andrews, a lead developer behind FT Labs, shares a few insights he had learned along the way while building the FT application. Matthew will also be running a “Making It Work Offline” workshop at our upcoming Smashing Conference in Freiburg in mid-September 2014. — Ed. via Building …

Faking Pro Portraits with your Phone Camera

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Thanks to the addition of cameras to our mobile devices taking photos has become easier than ever. No longer are we forced to struggle through text or an actual phone conversation to describe an object, person or scene. With a simple click of a button and the press of the good old trusty “send” button we are only seconds (depending …