What did I learn while writing a Chrome and Firefox extension with React?

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(Heads up: This might be a very long post to read. If you are interested, you shall continue despite my notification. ) Little Background about me: I was quite a bookworm when I did not had any computer. Actually I still am a worm but a ebook-worm, a web-worm(don’t confuse with computer virus please )now ? . The point is I used …

28 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WordPress

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Everyone knows what WordPress is, but do you know how profitable WordPress themes are, or about the connection between Panama Papers breach and WordPress? Keep reading to learn about these and plenty other lesser-known facts about the most popular CMS on the market. How Big is WordPress? Here are just some of the facts that illustrate just how popular WordPress …

Using the Lightroom Adjustment Brush to add Dimension to a Landscape Photo

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Lightroom has the power to completely transform your landscape photograph into something far more powerful, something that hits home with viewers, and something that pops off the screen. By default digital cameras create flatter image files than what you see with your eye. Your eye has the ability to see dimensions like no camera can […] Source: Using the Lightroom …

7 Little Secrets That Every Photographer Should Learn

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There are many misconceptions about professional photographers and the things they know and do. Many beginning photographers won’t figure these out until they’ve been shooting for awhile themselves. But learning a few secrets ahead of time can save you some hassle. Here are seven things you should know. Source: 7 Little Secrets That Every Photographer Should Learn