Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS — Zell Liew

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I’ve learned a lot more about typography since then and picked up best practices like using relative units, vertical rhythms and meaningful typography scales.These new practices were wonderful. They made my websites look more pleasing to the eye. Implementing them, however, was a horrible experience. Source: Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS — Zell Liew

Meet Mycroft: Open Source Artificial Intelligence Powered by Snappy | Ubuntu Insights

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This is a guest post by the Mycroft team as part of “the startup stories”, a series of blog posts about how and why innovative companies are using Ubuntu technology.   If you work in technology you’ve probably had this dream.  You wake up and your whole house is a computer, a starship in cyberspace that […] Source: Meet Mycroft: Open …

Lexus just unveiled what it calls a real, working hoverboard

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Lexus posted a video on Tuesday for a vehicle we’ve all dreamed about but never thought possible: a real hoverboard.The video is short, and doesn’t show the user actually riding it, but we do see the hoverboard, called SLIDE, hovering above the ground just before a skateboarder ditches his traditional board and hops on. Source: Lexus just unveiled what it …