Excited Gem – A tabs management extension for Chrome

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Excited Gem is a tabs management extension for Chrome Browser, that I started building as an effort to improve a famous extension “One Tab” and also to learn something new while building it. So I learnt Chrome Extension API, Reactjs and little bit of Typescript along the way.

Because I used to open too many tabs 60 to 70 on average, it was getting harder to manage , and switch between tabs. Also there were other problems managing that many tabs. I started digging up to solve this issue. I tried many different extensions for Chrome  for example; Toby,  OneTab, and Great Suspender to reduce memory usage. They all were great in their own way. But I could see the deficiencies that I thought I should fill by making something of my own. So I started studying code of “OneTab”. In start I named my extension “OneTab Advanced”. Later I renamed it to “Excited Gem”. Before one week or so I managed to get it published on Chrome Store. I am still working on it to improve it for better usage . I have plans for future to include some great features that will help developers a lot while their development phase. I have already tried those features with excited gem but currently they are dormant.

Please take some time to install and use this extension, and give me your valuable feedback so I can make it better.

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