Flexible 960gs-Writing a Flexible Grid Script for Photoshop

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I have developed this script for the web designers who design their template on Photoshop using 960gs.  This script adds guides to your Photoshop document. You can specify number of columns and gutter space between them. You can even choose to use whatever width for layout, not just 960. Once installed into your Adobe Photoshop Script directory you can access it using File menu >Scripts.
I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to use it and how I made it on webdesign.tutsplus.com named

Writing a Flexible Grid Script for Photoshop.

You can find the tutorial

WebDesign Tuts+ Tutorial 
Being a capable web designer means having a solid grasp on grids, especially if you want to pursue responsive web design. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at a Photoshop script for generating your own custom grids, plus we’ll open the hood and look at how the script is actually made. It’s quite likely that you’ve already used psd files from one grid system or another. You’ll probably have opened the psd, complete with all its guides, then you’ll have altered the document size to give yourself a bit of breathing room. In the case of our script, it will generate Photoshop guides irrespective of the document size. It will allow us to specify the number of columns, the gutter size and the layout width. Okay, enough with the introductions, let’s dive in.Amir Hameed


Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS5+
Author: Amir Hameed
Version: 1.0.0

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