Git & GitHub for Front-End Developers

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Over the past couple of years, the differentiation between front- and back-end web development has become much more distinctive. While traditional programming skills used to be the domain of the back-end guys, this paradigm is shifting. Front-end developers are nowadays expected to possess a new set of baseline skills, which includes the incorporation of modern software development principles and technical tools in their workflow. Amongst one of those skills is the use of distributed version control systems (DVCS) to track file changes over a project’s life time. Not only does it help you to make changes visible when developing in a team, but it also enables you to revert back to previous project states whenever necessary. Git and the hosting platform GitHub are currently in combination the web’s most popular version control technologies. The following article presents an introduction with a particular focus on front-end development. Using command line instructions on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1, I will demonstrate a set of recurring examples for basic usage.

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