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I started with CorelDraw in 2002. At start CorelDraw was a universe for me. A big one. I kept practicing it myself till 2005. In 2005 I did a Graphic Designing diploma from a local renowned college. I learnt CorelDraw from a new perspective. I learnt quite a lot from there. Actually I did excel in CorelDraw there. I was known for my performance in all Graphic Designing classes across all branches of that college. I did well in my Class and got a distinction. Then I started teaching CorelDraw for few years.

In 2008, while I was designing a book cover in CorelDraw I realized the speed I had acquired during these years of practice. I was doing that book cover. There was a person sitting next to me. He was a principal at a local designing school. He knew CorelDraw well too. While I was making that cover, he asked me to slow down so that he can understand what is going on. Then I stopped for a moment and realized that I was going too fast. It was like somebody has fast-forwarded some movie of a walk-through. And the reason he could not understand what I was doing, was I used too much zoom-in and zoom-out with quite a speed.

I believed I knew 90% of CorelDraw. I might be wrong. But at least this is my guess. I even started writing a book about CorelDraw that included all the tips and tricks and shortcuts, that were not listed in most of the books and very rare websites had mentioned that. I tried to include all the knowledge I had about CorelDraw. I could only finish one chapter when I switched to Adobe Illustrator and I became too busy in my job and researches in technologies.

In 2009 I moved to TV industry. It was then that I left CorelDraw for good. I found Adobe Illustrator much better than CorelDraw. Besides it was their requirement for working in that environment. Yes it was their first requirement to leave CorelDraw and switch to Adobe Illustrator. Since then I am using Adobe Illustrator.

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  1. Dir, myself George, i am also coreldraw lover, i am using coreldraw since 2010, really it is very comfortable to me, but now in my new company circumstances pushing me in to adobe illustrator, so from past years i’m using illustrator for my projects. But i am struggling little bit with illustrator anchor point controls, in coreldraw controlling nodes is the not that much tough job, so to speed up my workflow thank you sir

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