SolidRocks for Vray

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SolidRocks is an Autodesk™ 3dsmax™ plugin which automates the complex process of setting up rendering.

It brings the best of the powerful V-Ray™ rendering engine without any need to know its internal operation.

What can SR do on this Evermotion Interior Scene ?

How fast is SolidRocks when asked to render a difficult, complex, dark interior scene, with lots of glossies and GI detail ? Thanks to Evermotion for offering this benchmark scene.

Original Scene render (Archinteriors Vol 17-Scene 5)
GI : Irradiance map + LightcacheRendertime : 20 min 43 s
SolidRocks render with default settings (Quality : Ultra)
GI : Irradiance map + Lightcache + detail enhanceRendertime : 6 min 43 s !  More than 3 x FASTER !

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